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Quality of Life Enhancement through Horticultural Therapy

People are considering Horticultural Therapy as one of the relaxation method.  But many of them unaware about how this method can be used for various purposes. Especially for enhancing their quality of life. Each of us are unique, so we need specific approaches in our methods. Connecting with Nature can act like a supportive therapy, it become more effective when you approaches are specific for yourself . We are conducting online program to train the participants with some specific activities that will be beneficial for themselves. They can practice at home, whenever they needs.

To whom: Anybody can join for this program

Duration: Duration of this individualized program includes Five Online sessions, each sessions may take 30 minutes to 1 hour

This package Includes: 

1. Five Online Sessions

2. Assessment

3. Booklets and books ( soft copies ) for future references. 

4. One free Follow up call after finishing the program.

5. You will learn, how to utilize and approach plants and Nature specifically for you

For more details, 

Language: English

Instructor: Karthikeyan V


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INR 2999/-


Payment method will send with in 24 hrs, once you fill the registration form