Horticultural Therapy

Being with Nature is the best possible way to heal your body and mind

Horticultural Therapy

Horticultural Therapy is a

facile method of healing by engaging patients in garden and garden related activities. The vastness of nature has magical ways of healing without pain. Read more...  

Healing Garden

Garden is the backbone of Horticultural Therapy. Number of plants present there is not important, but its quality of soothing is to be considered. Person should be aware about the plants and other facilities needs to be included there. Read more...

HT Activities

Horticultural therapy is a wonderful mediator between people and plants. Sitting under a tree for even a little while relaxes your mind and body. Impact of Horticultural Therapy is depends on the activities that you are engaging with Nature.

About us

An organization committed to promoting and developing the practice of horticultural therapy as a unique and dynamic human service modality. A team to reconnect people with plants , thereby enabling  well being of  mental, physical and spiritual aspects of lives with the healing power of nature.

The center’s mission is to provide horticultural therapy programs for senior citizens, youth at risk, and physically or mentally challenged community members .It deals with programs designed to help individuals improve their abilities to do tasks, improve their capabilities and help cope up with the changes that have occurred unexpectedly in their lives.