Horticultural Therapy for Autism

An online session for the parents, special educators, caregivers and other professionals of special children. This session will be an introduction of Horticultural Therapy for their wards. 

Connecting with Nature

Horticultural Therapy can be defined as is by engaging a participant in a garden and related activities by a trained therapist for achieving specific treatment goals. Gardening is motivational for everyone. We can learn many things from Nature. Gardening helps to enhance your child’s personality and positive behaviors. Let’s implement a garden with your child; I promise you, every day will give you a lot of good memories and satisfaction. Touching the soil and plants, pruning the weeds in the garden, feel the fragrance and brilliant colors of flowers, all this can transform a bad mood instantly. As a therapeutic option for people with autism, horticulture creates a non-threatening environment. The environment of gardening is a space of unlimited source for sensory exposure and physical work, a calming activity. If the garden space is design as per the child’s requirements, the autistic learner can safely explore things in the way they want. Gardening is a nontraditional classroom where autistic gardeners can learn and build their social skills. Therapists are looking for the “open doors” to communicate with people with the autism spectrum. Nature will provide various opportunities to enhance the pleasurable work of gardening. “The garden is a living and breathing environment where changes are welcomed”(Ashley Isaacson).

International Horticultural Therapy Association and Horticultural Therapy Healing Center together presenting an online session on Horticultural Therapy for the Parents and Caregivers of Children with Autism!


Ideas of Horticultural Therapy activities that can:

  1. Reduce stress of caregivers and parents
  2. Empower caregivers & parents with tools & techniques
  3. Benefit in day-to-day activities of caregivers & parents
  4. Control the emotions of the child
  5. Impact the behavior of the child
  6. Keep the child calm and happy


Where: Google meet, the link will be shared to the registered participants

When: 19-11-2023, Sunday, 3PM- 4PM

Contribution: Rs. 750/-

REGISTER NOW: Call +91 8762679127 or mail horticulturaltherapists@gmail.com