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Horticultural Therapy Healing Center

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”- Gary Snyder

Plants have astonishing ways of healing people right from work stress to cancer and many other modern day illnesses. The presence of green spaces in places where people congregate is vital for our well being. In this therapy, the main focus is on allowing the energies between humans and plants to do the healing rather than have a therapist engage in active counseling.

HT is a multi-disciplinary program of study involving different fields such as psychology, physiotherapy, landscape, horticulture, child development and life sciences. It is capable of helping children as well as adults with special needs to adapt, cope up and expand their personal abilities. Studies have proven that Horticulture Therapy benefit special education students, vocational rehabilitation of handicapped individuals and substance abuse treatment and geriatrics facilities. A latest report has shown that human stress indicators can be reduced through horticultural vocational training. Studies have also displayed that plants have aesthetic, healing and spiritual qualities. Gardens replace one’s worries and trouble with peaceful thoughts and strengthens concentration and provide a sense of connection to life.

Horticultural Therapy is connecting people to nature through gardening and plant-related activities for healing. Connecting to nature and plants help you to bring back health to your mind and body. We are more connected to electronic gadgets than with Nature these days. All of us tend to forget the importance and the benefits of Nature. ‘Nature deprivation’ increases the rate of disease in your house. If you’re looking to improve your mental and physical health, the best way to do so is to get outside and connect with Nature. Plants can change your lives for the better.

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Horticultural Therapy helps to connect people with Nature through gardens and garden-related activities. Being with plants helps us to cope with issues of real life. It heals people with different problems and of different ages. We believe in natural remedies and therefore our therapists prescribe Horticultural Therapy with YOGA and NATUROPATHY for all participants. Practicing yoga outside in a natural environment surrounded by plants can strengthen your body and mind. Most aspects of yoga are related to Nature and Universe and that’s why many asanas reflect nature and animals. “By putting your body into the shape of a tree or a stretching cat, by exploring the graceful wingspan of a bird or the fluidity of the Sun Salute, by breathing with the same cyclical sense as the tides or with an ocean sound, you evoke a sense of harmony, timelessness, and connection to the universe,” says Jane Jarecki, a Kripalu Yoga teacher.

Horticultural Therapy Healing Center (HTHC) 

HTHC has a team of Horticultural Therapists who have a great passion for spreading the knowledge of Horticultural Therapy in India and worldwide. The team offers Horticultural Therapy programs in rehabilitation centers; conducts workshops on different ailments including stress; will soon create online courses, e-books and also offers consultation. 

At HTHC, we connect you back to such a healing environ by offering therapy through plants and gardening activities as a palliative cure. This therapy has the potential to offer supportive healing to many illnesses ranging from just stress to mental illnesses and disorders, to physical disabilities, in a comfortable setting of sensory, healing gardens. Participants in this therapy acquire physical, mental, social and psychological benefits.

Horticultural Therapy has shown to improve the quality of life of many patients suffering from cancer, mental and physical disabilities and depression, to name a few. Hospitals, palliative care units, orphanages, special schools, rehabilitation centers and old age homes can gain from this therapy. 

Activities are planned based on the kind of ailment in question. Most are tailor-made to suit issues like watering a plant by squeezing a sponge which helps to improve the fine motor skills of a person having problems with mobility of fingers; hand digging which helps to boost the mobility of shoulder muscles and gross motor skills; smell and colour activities which help to boost cognitive skills that help to recall memories and to balance emotions. Vocational training in growing vegetables, herbs and fruits and in making art objects using plant parts is also possible.

We offer certified Horticultural Therapy courses and workshops for various types of patient populations.


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“Observing and learning about NATURE is the best way to avoid stress in our life”. To get rid of your stresses and worries, the first step is to know how to approach Nature. Caring for plants will definitely change people’s point of view. Do you want to consult our Horticultural Therapists for removing stress and improving your quality of life?

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A compassion for Nature, Plants, and People may encourage someone to take up the career in Horticultural Therapy. An extensive certified training program is required to become a properly trained and certified Horticultural Therapist. HTHC is the pioneer in introducing Horticultural Therapy Certified Program in India. Are you a Nature lover? Do you believe in healing through plants? Do you wish to take this healing process to the differently-abled populations? Click here to join Horticultural Therapy Certified Program.

Horticultural Therapy Certified Program

Horticultural Therapists conduct therapy in rehabilitation centers and special schools as a part of their curriculum program for a minimum of four months to one year. Do you need a Horticultural Therapist to come to your premises and conduct Horticultural Therapy? Click here for more details.


Vocational opportunities are minimal in India for the people who are differently abled. HTHC gives you an opportunity to discover your talent and become a professional in that. Vocational Skills Training Program for the people who are physically differently abled makes you become self-sufficient and enables you to be an entrepreneur. If you are a person with  any different ability, or if you know any of your friends with any physical disabilities, this is a big OPPORTUNITY for them. To know more, click here.

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