We had wanted to spread the healing power of Horticultural Therapy for long. Our dream was to make this therapy reach every household to make people use it to offer palliative healing to any little ailment they could have within their families. We believe that any ailment big and small involves as vehicles, the five senses and the brain when it comes to healing and recovery. Those are the very essence of foundations of Horticultural Therapy. We decided to share with public our insights into how they could use Horticultural Therapy to offer solace and healing to their wards with Autism. My team comprising of Surya, Ramya and myself, Karthik had a great time doing this with our participants.

On the day of the workshop, we all reached quite early to invite who had registered for the workshop. The workshop started on the dot and while time went by, I observed the caregivers of the wards were more enthusiastic about posing questions for solving the limitations of their wards. We covered the areas about how to set goals, and how they can achieve each goal by choosing correct activities. We made the caregivers more comfortable by including them in the activities to really help them learn how to approach their children and us. We gave them each a booklet that explained these activities in an easy manner as well.

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“I love it. I enjoyed all the activities thoroughly. It connects me so much closer to nature. I learned new techniques, which I am going to explore with my child and myself. Thanks to the team who have so much patience and energy to share the knowledge and ideas that they have researched over such a long period” is what one of the caregivers who attended the workshop had to say.

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They were all satisfied at the end of the workshop.

It is a great start for us to know that we have begun our journey to spread the goodness of Horticultural Therapy amongst public in an easy to understand manner. We have had experiences of trying to spread it through hospitals and clinics and have found the roadblock of commerce really delay the onset of impact of this beautiful technique. For us it is a great experience to know that the end benefactor namely members of the common public, who are truly the ones in pain, really appreciate the value of this endearing therapy. We therefore wish to reach out to more and more genuinely interested public who wish to offer this healing to themselves and others in easy yet impacting steps involving the bountiful canvas of Nature. To watch people get moved and amazed by this power is the best gift we can receive for the hard work we have put in compiling the intricacies of this therapy. We hope this reaches many more people in the days to come.

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Date: 11- July- 2015

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