Activities in therapeutic horticulture can help the participants to enhance their skills and make them more flexible and adjustable social being in the society. Physical, psychological, communicative, social and vocational skills will be improved when the person participated in certain horticultural therapy activities. Horticultural Therapy Healing Centre at ArtyPlantz now decided to start regular sessions for the participants especially for Autism and physically disabled categories. The sessions will undergo specific assessments and activities for each participant and depend on the participant’s needs the session will be designed by the horticultural therapists and other experts.

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Does you child showing interest in any particular area? Do you want to train your child with any vocational skills? It will really help them to be independent in nature. Be an expert in a particular area, and be aware of the surroundings and society, your child definitely can survive in the world independently. Practice in horticultural skill training program will help these children. Because, horticultural activities never going to threaten your child, learning these skills make him/her more creative and self-employed with the area that he/she likes. Moreover, the connection with nature is become a great support for them to enhance their skills and improve their quality of life as like a best friend.

Skill training program for Autism

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.”-

 E. O. Wilson


The class will be conducted at Horticultural Therapy Healing Center (HTHC) with various but specific activities for the participants. Pre and post assessment will be taken by the therapist before, in the middle and after the course. According to the assessment, the activity will be designed and conducted by the therapists.

The program will help to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce tantrums and meltdown
  • Control emotions
  • Enhance fine and gross motor skills
  • Improve social interaction and communication
  • Enhance independence
  • Improve physical and mental fitness

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Duration of 1st level course: 4 month

Venue: Horticultural Therapy Healing Center

25/1, Akkama Lay Out, Dinnur road,

R T Nagar, Bangalore-560032

Limited seats available at a time, For getting admission and queries

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