Won’t you feel upset when you sit inside a room for a while without any interaction with the outside? Do you feel more relaxed and calm when you are in a plants-rich area even if you have sorrows? Did you realise why you felt relaxed in nature? is it because of the power of plants?

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We, humans believe and studies prove that our ancestors were monkeys. Now I have a question. Does anyone know about any other animal in the planet which misuses nature to the extent Man has? Many amongst us feel that we have evolved into more developed beings and have as a race discovered many things. What a joke, it is, to think evolution should also mean destruction! We are surviving here only because of Nature and the support of plants and we think about more evolution by misusing the whole ecosystem. Nature is vast, and full of bountiful energy. This abundant energy can impact each and every organism in nature.

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                                             Credit: Flickr-Frontierofficial

A nature walk or a tree hug, or a conversation with a plant or at least a silent observation of a plant can help you to get distracted from all sorrows and unnecessary thoughts that plague your mind. When you are in a plant-rich environment, you can breathe pure and rich oxygenated air that will give lots of energy to your body and your brain starts to work in better way. We often hear form our participants that they feel better after a day-long workshop with us as we give them many activities to do outdoors in gardens free from chemicals. Presence of plants around you will help to transfer positive energy in the environment to your body and so you can feel relaxed and your mind becomes ready to find solutions for problems and also gets ready for facing the problem.

Gardening and plants-related activities will help to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence in you and so you become mentally strong and obviously while doing different gardening activities it will help to increase physical fitness. Horticultural therapy helps people to connect people back to nature with various nature and plants-related activities. It will be better to choose specific activities with the help of a Horticultural Therapist if the participants are special needy people. Because the therapist can help to choose correct activities which would benefit the concerned people.

If you can plant a Plant and care as much as you can sincerely, you are a good social being.

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