Horticultural Therapy for Rehabilitation Centres


When a person connects with nature, his/her mind will feel more peace and relaxed. It will also be a sign of starting positive thoughts. The impact will be more effective if the person is facing with any kind of disabilities. Especially their self-esteem and confidence will rise with hope and happiness. Once the person started to interact with plants and nature in a sincere way, the person is eligible for learning much horticulture related vocational skills for become an independent and active social being in the society.

What are the things you are expecting from nature?


We are planning to start to extending our services to the rehabilitation centers. We would like to welcome the interested rehabilitation centers across India for establishing the horticultural therapy unit in their firms for connecting the people in the centers and for giving suitable vocational skills to become independent in future.

About Our Program

We are ready to conduct vocational skills program at any premises twice in a week with full day or half day session. We will take individual sessions and train them with various vocational skills according to their capabilities. So that they can choose the activities/skills to get more training depends on their interest. materials and other stationery items shall arrange by the premises. We only charged our time and transport. We will also provide background support for the advertisement and marketing of the products that are made by the participants. We will also help to conduct exhibitions with the product at the end of the first level, that is 4th month.


In level two, Six months, Each individual will become an entrepreneur in their desired skills and we will train them to be more independent and self-marketing of their product. In this level the participants were selected according to their capability and interest. We will be with them as mentoring them whenever they need our help.

Once they become an independent worker, if they want they can join in our association, so that they will get lifelong mentoring and monitoring of their business and also become a part of our network. So that they will get more contacts and connections to establish their business and it will help them to increase their productivity as well as income.


 Are you interested? or any rehabilitation centers want to know more about this, please do connect with us.

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