Horticultural Therapy for Autism

[EASILY Manage Autism using Plants & Gardens + FREE Activities Book + Training for Caretakers & Facilitators]

First Time in India. Brought to You by HTHC.

Workshop for Parents, Special educators, and Caregivers of Special People with Autism

You will be sent an eBook on Horticulture Therapy PLUS a booklet with easy-to-do activities that are highly popular with your child, after the workshop PLUS a special offer relating to Membership with like-minded caregivers.

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Feedback from the previous workshops


“so close to nature. I learned new techniques which I am going to explore with myself and my child. Thanks to the team who have so much patience and energy to share the knowledge and ideas that they have researched for long.” – Rani Benedict

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“It was really good. Unique experience. I hope the initiative grows and reaches a lot many. Would like to support the cause. Feel free to contact. Thanks and regards.” – BM Lakshmi

Attending the Workshop will help you for solving

    1. Social Interaction Problems: Being in a garden improves cooperation,  teamwork skills and dealing with success and failure – naturally, without human intervention.


    1. Communication Problems: Working in the garden and activities using plants and natural materials will help make us open up and communicate faster. 


    1. Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills: Horticultural Therapy activities help to improve the muscular strength of your child in both direct and indirect ways.


    1. Sensory Integration Issues: Being in nature and engaging with different activities and games will help enhance all the senses in our body. 


    1. Self-Stimulatory and Self-Injurious Behaviour: Caring plants and interaction with nature through specific activities will improve the commitment with living creature and responsibility in them. It can make a great impact on their behavior.


    1. Compulsive and Repetitive Behaviour: Certain moderate to high intensive activities and a mid greenery would create peace and lower aggression and anxiety.


    1. Cognitive Issues: Fragrance and colors can make the great impact on human emotions as well as the cognitive impact on the human brain. Related will help to enhance concentration, attention capacity, and cognitive functioning. 


    1. Social and Emotional Immaturity: Enabling your wards to care and to be with plants, and to celebrate the joy of harvesting fruits with their friends and relatives will bring about balance to social and emotional maturity. 


    1. Eccentric Behaviour: You will learn to use various techniques to bring about balance and peace with your children in easy-to-implement steps in your own balcony or terrace garden.


  1. Empathy-Related Issues: Plants are forever giving and never demanding. Making correlations between plants that your child would grow to love and towards life-skills would slowly over time enhance feelings of moderated empathy within your wards. 

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Workshop Details

Date: Announce Soon

Place: 25, Manyave Garden, 12A Cross Rd, Kanaka Nagar, Vishvanatha Nagenahalli, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

Reg Fee: 2500 per Person (Cost Include- Registration Fees, Booklet, Activity Materials, Lunch, and snacks)

Number of Seats: 10

Time: 10 AM to 4 PM

Register Now: Mail to horticulturaltherapists@gmail.com

Mob: +91 8762679127

Refund Policy: – All cancellations were done on or before 2 days are eligible for a full refund. Rs. 500 will be deducted for cancellations done between last two days, and the remaining amount refunded. Refund amount will be kept towards a future seminar or event.