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Horticultural Therapy Certified Course

HTHC is one of the pioneers of Horticultural Therapy in India. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are passionate about healing through plants to get trained and become healers in the same. This therapy is all about improving the quality of life for everybody from child to elder, normal to special populations, stressed to diseased.

This therapy can be specifically designed for each individual based on their capabilities and strengths. Nature is magical, offering care and love. Let us all promote and be a part of this magic.Come, join us and become nature healers.

We start an individual training program for the selected candidates to become Horticultural Therapists.


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What’s in it for you?
• Certificate as Horticultural Therapist
• Hand on practical on the job experience in offering therapy to patients
• Business management courses to enable running of a Horticultural Therapy Clinic(HTC) at the end of the training
• Help with setting up a clinic at the end of the Course


• Demonstrated patience with patients
• Demonstrated love for nature and plants
• Background of psychology, botany or horticulture would be bonus
• Good communication skills and flair for using the internet.