Gardening always gives pleasure to the person, who is engaged in it. It is indeed difficult to find a person doing gardening being stressed. If this is happening, it means that his approach to plants needs a change. Here I want to share some points that will help you to do gardening in a relaxed manner.

  • Do gardening as a hobby, not a task: Most of the gardeners enjoy the time they are able to spend in the garden. But some of them do not and you know why. This is only because they consider gardening to be a task or a job. People who enjoy gardening really get many physical as well as psychological advantages, unlike others who do not enjoy it.



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  • Don’t take your mobile with you while doing gardening: People can’t avoid mobiles because most of them are somewhat addicted to them. The result is that you will not be able to concentrate on the work that you are doing, if you are also preoccupied with the mobile. If you do not take the mobile while gardening, you will get free from unnecessary thoughts and so you will be able to enjoy the gardening. This will help you to become more connected with nature.
  • Fast growing vegetables: Keep one patch in your garden for vegetable cultivation. Use only the fast growing vegetables to begin with. The sowing, caring, maintaining and harvesting involved give you new experiences each time. Use of fast-growing vegetables enhances interest in gardening, because you reap the produce faster.
  • Butterfly plants: It will be good to use some butterfly plants in each corner of your garden. The presence of butterflies make your garden more lively and soothing. While watching butterflies in the garden, your mind will be distracted from all unwanted thoughts and you can enjoy yourself while you are in the garden.

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Credit: U.S.-Fish-and-Wildlife-Service, Flickr

  • Feel the garden and explore their scope with your neighbors: Gardening does not mean only that you are growing different kinds of plant, but it also mean that you are caring for some lives there. You can feel proud about yourself and consider each plant in your care with love, kindness, and physical support. Plants in return also support you. Whenever you are stressed, share your thoughts with your plants. You will find that you are immediately relaxed. Make your garden unique in some respects and talk about it to others, whenever you get a chance. Invite your neighbors and friends to your garden for a visit. It will really work to de-stress them from unwanted thoughts and worries.

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