Horticultural Therapy for Diseases and Disabilities

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order”- John Burroughs

Supportive palliative care Therapy using plants

Nature is used as therapeutic healing since thousands of years by physicians. Horticultural therapy is now used as an alternative therapy to treat mental illness. It’s proven that people to plant connection can contribute to an increased rate of  recovery. Dr. Benjamin Rush, the father of Horticultural Therapy was the first to document the benefits of gardening for the mentally ill population and in the later years, it is being proven. Garden is a place where a person can let their emotions go out and feel the closeness with living things. The presence of soil and plants near a person heals so many issues. Nowadays lot of diseases is caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, and food habits in our lives. People’s connection with nature is less, thus many diseases are growing. This condition can be reversed in many cases by connecting them back with Nature.

Plants have a way of energising us. They help patients to cope up with reality, enjoy the sense of healing and regain perspective of life. At our clinic, we pay attention to each individual to improve his/her quality of life.

A garden is essential to quality of life
A garden is essential to quality of life


Alleviating stress and anxiety:

Exposure to Nature, plants and garden improves positive energy and alleviates pain.

Rebuilding self-esteem:

Connecting with plants helps to relook at life with fresh perspective. Gardening involves personal initiative, personal effectiveness, and offers opportunities for accomplishment.


Nature experiences are positive distractions that help to refocus one’s attention, to restore a sense of control. Gardening helps the patients to focus on their ability, and not their disability

Increasing Independence:

Horticultural Therapy helps a person to learn new tasks and transfer these skills to other environments. It also, enables people to make their own choices in life, in a better manner.

Decreasing social isolation:

Gardening helps to improve community connection and provides an opportunity for social interaction

Learning new skills:

HT helps people to learn to work independently, solve problems, improve coordination, balance and endurance. There is a huge difference in each individual from the time of beginning and to the end of the session. Horticultural therapy is the therapy with endless benefits. It promotes people to connect with nature with greater ease. We help people with all kinds of ailments to learn to heal themselves using plants. Call us now if you would like to consult with us. 

Improvement in attention: Being with garden and gardening activity will enhance the mental strength of the participant. When they will engaging with plants through various horticultural therapy activities, their attention span, concentration and observation skills also get boosted.

Sociability: Group activities and vocational skills in the horticultural therapy will indirectly force the participant to mingle with society therefore their social skills and communication will improve gradually. 

The quality of life: Horticultural therapy activities will help the participants to restore their physical and mental strength, so their quality of life will also get enhance gradually. While gardening activities make them physically fit, interacting with plants and nature will boost mental strength.

Independent: Being an independent is the ultimate goal for everyone. But it will depend on the hard work and choice of opportunity that the person is getting. Horticultural therapy offering various vocational skills with natural materials from the various area, so that the participant can choose any of the vocational skills who liked and get trained on that for making profit from that.

About the workshop

Each activity is specially planned for specific individuals to improve his or her ability, and to reduce their stress and anxiety level. We give you a hands on experience with both indoor and outdoor activities. These are simple activities which are designed to do at your houses with the available resources. Horticultural Therapy helps to develop all their skills and empower them to live independently. In addition, we provide you with a brochure that contains a range of other activities to give you a better idea.


Benefits from this Workshop

    1. Physical and mental fitness: In the workshop we will discuss the important of human nature connection and how it will help the person to regain his/her physical and mental fitness. You can learn easy lessons for engaging your ward with garden and gardening activities for getting benefits from that.


    1. Socially active and communication skill development: There are many activities in Horticultural Therapy for group activities and social skills development. Participating Group HT activities will indirectly force them to make communications with the group members in a various way. In this workshop, the participant can learn how it will work out for your wards.


    1. Vocational skills development: Will discuss and show some of the demos of vocational skills for your ward so that your ward can make the profit from that. 


    1. Choosing activities for each goal and sub-goals: The activities are specific for each individual. The way of approach will depend on the person’s capability, needs and goals that you fixed. In the workshop, we will discuss how you can make and fix goals with suitable activities


  1. How to set up a suitable garden for the wards: Garden in very important in Horticultural therapy. And so the type of plants and the features in the garden also important for the person who is accessing with. From this workshop, the participant will get an idea about the garden needed for your ward.

Workshop Details

 Date:  Announce soon

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

 Place: Horticultural Therapy Healing Center (HTHC),

25, Manyave Garden, 12A Cross Rd, Kanaka Nagar, Vishvanatha Nagenahalli, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

 Contact details: karthik@artyplantz.com

PH: +91 8762679127

Contribution (inclusive of course materials, lunch, snacks, juice and herbal drinks):

[Early Bird Discount of Rs. 500 for all registrations were done on or before Five days.]

Rs. 3,000 Rs. 2,500 for one participant

Rs. 2,500 Rs. 2,000 each for two participants

Refund Policy: All cancellations were done on or before 3days before are eligible for a full refund. Rs. 1,000 will be deducted for cancellations done between last two days, and the remaining amount refunded. Refund amount will be kept towards a future seminar or event.

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