Plants are the ultimate healers in nature. Nature can heal your mind as well as the body for controlling all the limitation that you facing and suffering within your life. Last week I got a mail from a friend in  USA. She shared a great story about how nature influenced her life and inspired her to live. It’s really inspiring and so I want to share this with you readers with her permission. Read and enjoy.

“I would love to learn, participate and help. I adore my plants! I make a tisane tea from my hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscus Pinks 20150725

It is wonderfully delicious and healthful. My plants respond to me. They flower when I am happy. I know it sounds wierd, but I began gardening as therapy when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005.

At first, afraid,  knowing nothing about gardening or flowers, (I am still soooo learning), I would just buy things that were on the dying rack and purple, for some subconscious reason.


They grew in spite of me. I was thrilled. I bought others and lovingly watered them at night on their feet, when it was cool, as I could not stand the heat.

Now birds and bees come to my garden. I buy perennials and put sweet smelling annuals in pots. I am now growing some edibles…much to my surprise and delight, one banana pepper plant has produced many, many peppers. I love to grow tomatoes. I planted horseradish root and I have basil of many types (it loves me and I love it), sage, chocolate mint, spearmint,  lemon balm, hyssop, chives, parsley, rosemary and I had lavender, but oddly, it died. So did my girlfriends. For two years it flourished and then it just died. I got more and it died again.


I have what I call my sweet fairy patch of thyme – oh it smells  so divine, and tons of coneflowers- all pink. Every year I plant mammoth sunflowers for the birds. I have a few roses and pansys, wild ginger, tons of marigolds, -they repel snakes and ants, calediums, and things like tulips in the spring and tons of morning glories.

 I will attach some photos – I live in east Tennessee in the mountains. We have four seasons, but our winters are not quite as harsh as some areas further north. We do freeze, so I planted lilacs -my FAVORITE FLOWER OF ALL TIME.

IT SMELLS HEAVENLY IN THE SPRING WHEN IT BLOOMS! I bought the tree as a seedling from the Arboretum Society- they send you ten trees for a small donation and membership. They are all even looking like trees these days, on my property!


P.S. I live on a corner. The city decided one day to ‘plant’ a stop sign in my yard. I responded in kind! That is my therapy dog Buuddee (like us on Facebook with Therapy Dogs International ) and my son Cameron, who is now away at college, studying to become a physical therapist!”

Credit: Penny Richards, USA

When you are working with nature you learn how to alleviate your sorrows, how to heal your self. The more sincere and regular your interaction is with the plants, the greater will be the benefits you receive.

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