When we are filled with negative thoughts, we just feel like staying isolated. When you feel like that, don’t try to stay in a room with four walls. Just walk away to the outdoors and try to see nature. Even though our mood is horrible when we look at nature and greenery, in a fraction of seconds we start to feel relieved. Do you know why? Nature has the capacity of restoring our spirits. Bunches of flowers on different branches, slowly dancing leaves, fresh breeze of air, tickling grass, flying birds, all these make people calm and balanced.

Many studies prove that nature gives us positive energy. Nature increases the ability of paying attention and destroys worrying thoughts. The green trees and plants which are the central point of nature, provide shelter and food for micro and macro organisms. It is not just used for the regular purpose or nourishing life, but it also has a capacity to make the mind neutral and calm.


When people live around plants and trees, they show love and care towards others. They show this more than the people surrounded with urban atmosphere. Connection with nature provides a unique way of healing. Unstructured exploration, rejuvenates and uplifts life.

Two weeks before, my team and I had a pleasurable experience with differently-abled students. We took them to Cubbon Park to explore nature. From beginning to the end they had joy on their face. The surprise experience is that, a girl who had a condition of speaking impairment and mental retardation helped another girl with visual impairment to explore the Christmas tree trunk and leaf. This created a beautiful and affectionate bond with nature and human beings, where all their differences vanished.

All members of the group, enjoyed and appreciated nature by collecting lot of nature materials like pods,flowers and twigs. They had different kinds of nature experiences and explored nature to the maximum. When they saw an African tulip flower, they started to enjoy by squeezing the water from the buds of the flower. In that group most of them were visually impaired. They tried touching and feeling different parts of trees and they loved listening to the sounds of the birds around a huge banyan tree. They were really excited to sit on the tree branches with their friends.


Words spoken were less and feelings with nature were more. Nature teaches special love and compassion to all of us.

Have you had similar experiences? Do share them with us. We would be happy to know.

Credit: Artyplantz.org

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