Do you believe the plants have emotions? It’s a little hard, but some studies show that they have. Have you ever interacted with plants? Maybe you have read the book titled “Secret Life of Plants” that illustrates in an interesting manner what could possibly be considered as emotions within plants. It is not so much as “emotions” as many of us perceive but response to stimulus, which is finally what our system of human being is also all about. Only when we consider our “emotions” we think of it as just “feelings” without understanding the various hormones and chemicals that work as response to stimulus in our body. In Horticultural Therapy, we use many activities for connecting participants with plants and nature. These activities bring out those very fine almost not perceivable responses from plants which however delight our wards as they have the patience to perceive and enjoy them.


                                                            Credit: Flickr: Ranakpuri

Do you know that in our traditional system farmers sang songs when they worked on their farms? Because they believed that plants and all natural elements could feel the vibration of the sounds uttered which would resonate with the growth and nurturing of plants they were trying to grow. What eventually happened was that as they were also beings like plants, their own songs also uplifted their spirits and maybe therefore the secretion of serotonin in their bodies. Farmers even today engage in celebrations for getting the blessing of nature and soil.

I know of one of our patients who took to talking to a plant that was stunted in growth. We have worked with her for 4 months during her recovery from cancer. In that time that she spoke to the plant, she was overjoyed to find that new shoots sprouted from near the roots and she believed that is was solely her talking! You can debate endlessly whether it is truly so, but in India the Bishnoi tribes have shown us otherwise. While such actions do not yet bear conclusive scientific evidence that is floated amongst common people, I would like to think there is enough evidence-based proof to show that plants do respond to stimulus form other life forms.

You can try to get experience about this by interacting with plants or trees. But the important thing is, your interaction should be sincere. You can share your thoughts and emotions to a plant that you select. And keep doing this regularly and find some time every day to visit plants and check the changes and impacts happening in the plant and in you. You will definitely gain a rich experience with this activity.


                                                              Credit: Flickr as Annadatha

Please share your experience, once you try this. If anybody out there has already had this kind of experience please share it. It would be an inspiration for us. Have any doubts? Tell us and we will discuss together.

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