Natural Healing

“The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.”- George Bernard Shaw

HORTICULTURAL THERAPY HEALING CENTERS; A Fractal Model of Social Entrepreneurship Model by setting up Vocational Training Institutes for Special Children and Young Adults

At present a single HTHC would offer the following services

  1. A vocational training institute for special people in horticulture and related fields through Horticultural Therapy.
  2. Different skill development workshops for special people in horticulture.
  3. HT Kits for special people that would enable them to train themselves at home, at their own pace.
  4. HT workshops for the parents, caregivers, special educators, therapists and other professionals who are in charge of differently abled people.
  5. Therapeutic nature connect programs for special population
  6. Offering Horticultural Therapy courses to enable more Horticultural Therapists across the world.
  7. Initiating more awareness programs about the importance and healing power of plants and nature indigenous to the country.
  8. Setting up social franchises of HTHC across Bangalore and then across India.

After vocational training HTHC will share 80% of its profits of product sales, with the children who will get admission at the center. 20 % of the profit will be used for the establishment of HTHC centers.


HTHC will be a center for both therapeutic and vocational skill development for differently-abled children. Regular workshops and awareness programs for enabling and empowering their parents will be available as well.

Those who are passing the Horticultural Therapy course from HTHC will get opportunities in different hospitals, palliative care centers, rehabilitation centers, schools and other places where the people needs Horticultural Therapy to setting up the garden and to implement Horticultural Therapy for them. They can also set up their own clinic for providing HT for the society. HTHC will help these candidates to find out more opportunities according to the availability in different places or will help the candidate to becoming a social entrepreneur by either start their own center or the branch of HTHC