A Humble Home For Autism

Nature camp serves as a therapeutic refuge for children with Autism


A camp designed for children with autism is serving as a refuge and providing kids with the opportunity to learn and enjoy valuable new skills and experiences.

Rustic Falls Nature Camp is a place of “peace” for specially challenged children.

Lentz, its creator, a cancer patient, selflessly spent his final years creating a space that has become an avenue through which those with disabilities and medical problems could draw strength from each other. The kids who come here enjoy family-oriented activities, socialise, and more importantly, have some good old-fashioned fun.

Sensible and thoughtful ventures like these do show special care that we can extend to those with special challenges. Our team in ArtyPlantz offers Horticultural Therapy and also loves teaching simple processes for caretakers to enable better lives for their wards. Did you know for example that, Autism can be managed better with horticultural therapy? Yes, it is possible, as it brings in a lot of cheer along with healing of physical, psychological, cognitive and social issues.

For further details on the Autism Workshop held on 11 July, 2015 call Karthik at +91 87626 79127 or send a mail at karthik@artyplantz.com

Credit: AutismDailyNewscast