Sometimes a word or a sentence may lead us back to our childhood and lots of memories get recalled into our brain. Pictures also work likewise. But in today’s busy life, people don’t have time to pause and let such memories wash over us. There is no time to spend with each other leave alone with Nature as well. People always find an excuse about time. Most times they are a bit depressed in life and therefore they do not try to make time. They don’t care about Nature around them. The disappointing thing is that they like to talk about conservation and other big topics. But how much are they engaged in hands-on work is anybody’s guess. Hope these quotes awaken the connection with nature within you and recall to you your childhood memories with nature.

Photo- Sinelev:Shutterstock

                                            Photo- Sinelev: Shutterstock

  Photo- Paladin12:Shutterstock

Photo- Paladin12: Shutterstock

Photo- Radonja Srdanovic:Shutterstock

Photo- Radonja Srdanovic: Shutterstock

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Photo- siloto: Shutterstock

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Photo- jessicahyde: Shutterstock

Photo- Andrew Koturanov:Shutterstock

Photo- Andrew Koturanov: Shutterstock

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Photo- Byelikova Oksana: Shutterstock

Photo- Mike Flippo:Shutterstock

Photo- Mike Flippo: Shutterstock

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Photo- BlueOrange Studio: Shutterstock

Photo- Galyna Andrushko:Shutterstock

Photo- Galyna Andrushko: Shutterstock


When you passed through each quote and each picture, did you feel that you are missing Nature? Did you want to go outside and  get a breath of fresh air? Go out now, feel and connect with nature around you and within you.

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